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Zerofit Heatrub Ultimate Baselayer, harmaa-koko L

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The ultimate baselayer for protection against extreme cold, the ULTIMATE offers three main benefits:

Your body heat is sealed in like a standard baselayer
Unlike a standard baselayer the product instantly warms you up
Unlike a standard baselayer the unique fibres

The unique fibres on the inside of the Ultimate rub against your skin to create frictional heat

The Ultimate has received numerous positive reviews online from Equestrian to outdoor to golf…the list goes on, here is what a few had to say
The HEATRUB ULTIMATE is a very different kind of baselayer. Imagine playing golf whilst wrapping yourself in your favourite fake fur rug and you’ll be somewhere near! Ok, maybe it’s not quite as extreme as that, but the ‘Ultimate Baselayer’ is very thick, with an almost fur lining.

Despite the thickness of the base layer, it still provides plenty of movement whilst you play golf, but it provides you with immense warmth. The ‘Frictional Heat Generation’ that Zerofit have developed was definitely noticeable in the -1 degrees I tested this product in.

A quality base layer for winter golf here in the UK.

“This is has been my go-to baselayer since the temperatures have dropped. It’s really comfy and isn’t restrictive – perfect for keeping me warm. I found that even when my body had warmed up while riding, I didn’t feel sweaty or clammy in it. Because the styling is neutral, I can take it away with me when I go skiing without looking horsey. The only negative I found is that hay can stick to the material, but the majority of the time when I wore a jacket over it, so this wasn’t too much of an issue. I was impressed with the baselayer, it meets all the manufacturer’s claims, and it washed really well, too.”

The Zerofit Heatrub Ultimate looks a bit like a thick jumper at first glance but when you look at the inside it’s like a big fluffy inner, similar look to fur? sheepskin? cotton wool? I’m not sure how to describe it, it’s fluffy I guess? VERY fluffy on the inside. It’s super stretchy so no awkward yanking your head through the polo neck, or wrestling into the arms. I have a medium and half asleep at 6am every day I put it on before heading to the yard and am instantly enveloped in a warm fuzzy garment.

It’s one of the ONLY base-layers I have ever put on where I can tangibly feel it warming me up. It’s REALLY WARM. It’s so warm that when back indoors after being out with the horses and returning to normal indoors temps I have to change out of it asap because I start to overheat!

For chilly mortals like myself this is the holy grail of ‘heat wear’ something that not only preserves my body temp but raises it is a product I can wholeheartedly get behind.

In short these base layers are pretty mega if you want something to keep your entire torso toasty. I have the Heatrub Ultimate for protection against extreme cold and the Heatrub Move for vigorous exercise in cold conditions and both are living up to expectations so far, and well worth their £50 price tag.

It looks like a traditional lightweight baselayer and has a close knit and smooth face fabric with a soft brushed micro fleece inside that traps the warmth and is very comfortable next to the skin. It is body hugging with plenty of built-in stretch so doesn’t restrict your movement. A comfortable crew neck keeps the cold wind at bay. I wore it on some pretty strenuous walks in the cold and it kept me warm, helped to regulate my temperature and also wicked away a fair amount,

but not all, my perspiration. As for generating its own heat through friction, it did seem warmer than other base layers I have worn. Although it says nothing about odour control I was fairly impressed after five outings that it didn’t smell!


These are not cheap but they are so warm that you can probably dispense with a number of other layers. Comfortable under a breathable softshell, insulated jacket, waterproof, or even chest waders.

Testing Base layers from Zerofit

Sizing Guide
To fit Chest Inches
S 32-36
M 36-40
L 40-44
XL 44-48
XXL 48-52

Sizing note

The above sizing shows optimum chest sizes however due to the unique stretchabilty of ZF you will be able to fit into a higher selection of the above sizes than would be traditional.

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